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Binance (or binance trading bot) is a relatively new cryptocurrency trading platform launched by a developer named Zhao Changpeng in July 2017. Zhao’s Hong Kong-based company, Beiji Technology, has already successfully launched an ICO with a value of $ 15 million. Beijing Technology and its founder Zhao have become a major player in this industry today. Zhao has several high positions in a similar field; he was also the technical editor of Binance trading system can be used on over 30 platforms.

Binance is an emerging cryptocurrency exchange platform that specializes in the exchange of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. The platform is becoming popular in the blockchain community, thanks to a variety of cryptocurrency offerings and extremely low fees. In addition, the platform is available in several languages, including, for example, French.

Although the company started a few months ago (on the ICO), the binance trading bot & exchange platform is already a great alternative to Bittrex.

In this "Binance Opinion", we try to describe everything you need to know about Binance, how it works, and how to trade with them, in terms of fees, security considerations, and customer service.



To use the binance platform and the binance trading bot, you must first create an account. This process is quite simple and the daily withdrawal limit is 2BTC with a Level 1 account. There is a limit of 100BTC/day with a Level 2 account, for which you need to upload a photo and wait for it to be approved.

There are also higher limits, but you must contact them directly. To upload money, just go to the “Funds”> “Deposits / Withdrawals” link at the top of the page and select the currency and click on the “Deposit” button after you will receive the address. You can then send the amount to this address and use the platform. Now that you have money on your account, you can start trading, investing and exchanging between different cryptocurrencies.

Once you have made your order on binance bitcoin trading platform, you just have to wait until they fulfill it under the specified conditions.


Those, who first trade on Binance, can quickly notice that the platform offers two options for cryptocurrency trading: general and complex. Anyone with less knowledge of trading will know how to use the binance trading bot, the binance platform and its various services. The main difference between the general and the complex version is that the complex offers more detailed, technical analysis of the value of the cryptocurrencies over time. Currently, the general version offers many graphs and spreadsheets for your cryptocurrencies, your orders, and your payment history.

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Binance Tournaments

A very interesting feature of Binance is that it occasionally organizes tournaments and winners receive valuable prizes. I would like to mention two past races. These were the Waves and the Tron Currencies. In the Waves tournament, 20,000 Waves were distributed among dealers based on how many trades were executed with that particular cryptocurrency.

Tron-related competition might be more interesting as the prizes were more valuable here. Competitors could win valuable cars and various Apple products.The rankings were based on the amount of Tron traded.To win such tournaments is to be a really big fish. New competitions are coming all the time, it's worth watching them.

Binance Trading Bot Fees

The Binance trading bot generally charges 0.1% for every crypto transaction. Those who pay with Binance Token (BNB) receive a 50% discount on transaction fees. These are certainly the lowest fees today. Cash withdrawal fees vary depending on the currency. There are no limits for uploading. However, if you are not confirmed, there are limited to cash withdrawal. You will become a second-level user by conforming, so you will have fewer disadvantages and more free to use the platform. Only your full name, country, gender, identity card or passport image and a selfie are required for the verification process.

Binance Opinion: ICO

Another noteworthy thing is the Binance Token, which was released during their own ICO. The Binance Bitcoin (BNB) can be used to pay fees, and it is planned to create a decentralized stock exchange in the future, where it will be one of the main currencies.

Buying an NBB can be a great investment for the future, as the stock market plans to buy and remove some of their tokens every quarter of the year, reducing supply and making these users more valuable.



Binance Security

Although Binance trading bot is one of the newest cryptocurrency trading bots and platforms on the market, it has quickly become reliable in the digital currency community. They don't let their users know how their money is being protected, but we believe they are serious about security. Two-step verification is strongly recommended.


Binance has done a good job of organizing customer service, but there is still room for improvement. The easiest way to share most questions or problems is via email, and then we just have to wait for the answer. Although, as with other large platforms, we have to wait for the answer here too, as in the short term, a lot of new users are getting involved, most of them are completely novice and they are very demanding. Live chat support is also available for any questions you may have about the binance trading bot, which sometimes only provides an automatic response by reason of the workload of the system and redirects to the customer support page. But as soon as a colleague is available, it will contact you immediately. The site is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Based on what we have described in this “Binance Opinion”, the binance trading bot or the Binance platform offers great prizes, lots of cryptocurrencies and amazing customer service. I strongly recommend using Binance for crypto trading!