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The purpose of the stock exchange software is to represent past exchange rate movements and to provide the toolbox for technical analysis transparently. At the moment, the best Stock market analysis software for depicting cryptocurrencies on the market is the following:


Tradingview Exchange Monitor
Analyzer, Graph drawing.

Tradingview is a rapidly developing market rate monitoring and analysis program that allows us to access currencies, Krypto currency, US and European stock markets. With a single program, we can access many functions.

• filtering for shares
• we can trade with shares and currencies
• In addition to the above, you can set up any watch lists, as well as an economic and quick report calendar in the exchange tracking program.


• Very similar to TradingView crypto technical analysis software
• The mobile application is available in the same way
• It is possible to trade through the stock exchange software
• It is paid after the 30-day free version


Stock, macro data, quick report alarm program. has everything a stock marketer needs as a full-fledged crypto technical analysis software
• quick report
• dividend calendar
• macro calendar

But there is also a price analysis program on the website. What I would emphasize is the alarm function, because it does not only alert you to exchange rates, but also corporate events such as flash reports. But it is also capable of reminding the times of the program macro data.

Share filtering program, application.

Finviz is a versatile exchange rate analyzer for the US market. You can set up random screenings, technical signals, fundamental signals, and create watch lists.

Many types of pivot point indicators are available in the world, such as traditional Fibonacci and Murrey Math. The cryptocurrency indicators are also no different.

to use indicators?


The use of indicators is secondary to crypto technical analysis software and is used to confirm what we have seen in the figure above. It is not advisable to trade only on the basis of indicators.

First, look for the defining supports, resistances, shapes, and then use the indicators to confirm these trends and track them. It is not necessary to use too many indicators at the same time, 3 should be used simultaneously.


1What is the The cryptocurrency indicator for CFD trading?
Camarilla is one of the best crypto indicators.
There are many good reasons for this.

• Recognizes support and resistance levels;
• Helps determine the trend;
• Add intersections to our charts;
• It shows daily and weekly bull and bear zones;
• Shows triggers;
• Shows clear entry and exit points.

When you look at the Camarilla indicator as a merchant, you can see even more important benefits:

• The levels are automatically generated on each trading day
• Supports maximally the preliminary analyzes we do every day
• Transparent and concise
• The graph remains clear with the Camarilla lines.
2What is the basis for cryptocurrency indicators?
Over time, prices are shaping trends. There are three types of these: rising trend, declining trend, consolidation.

Finding the trend is the first, and perhaps one of the most important, steps in the technical analysis. If we know the current trend, we can make use of its capabilities and open up successful positions more easily.

With the help of certain methods, it is also possible to predict the trends of trends, these revolutions usually occur in resistances or supports.
3What are the support and resistance?
Support and Resistance Levels (S&R) are essential elements of technical analysis. The technical analysis is based on the pattern of price data and the supports and resistors play a key role.

To learn to understand, recognize, use and trade support and resistance levels, I believe that your analysis and trading can make you even stronger with the CFDs for the cryptocurrency.

These are price levels that, when crossed, are changing prices and moving sideways. The more times the price is tested by resistance/support, it becomes stronger.
4Why are the support and resistance levels important?
Support and resistance levels are key elements of any market or chart analysis for a number of reasons. The market uses support resistance levels for breakouts and bounces. All technical analysts use support and resistance levels, as do dealers at banks and fund managers. They appear on all instruments and timelines.

Trends appear in ranges and backs. Higher time slots are even more important as most of the market uses these levels.

The support/resistance is essential to understand the "least resistance way".

Support and resistance levels should not be compared to the footprint of large market players. Other traders can better understand their movements by analyzing them.
Admiral Markets Pivot
The levels of resistance to technical analysis are presented in a unique way by the Admiral Markets Pivot Indicator. This is a great technical cryptographic currency indicator for CFD trading. In addition, it is used as a support and resistance bitcoin indicator (Bitcoin indicators) and is a particularly good cryptocurrency indicator. Admiral Pivot is a professionally coded indicator for trading financial markets. It can be used:

• Support for scalping resistance
• Support for breakout resistance
• Support for resistance zones
• Support resistance for basic indicators

Its specialty comes from a modifier that you can find in the indicator settings. Allows you to select any new timeline that you can view on the current time plane. For example, you can trade 5-minute charts with weekly (H1) pivot points. In addition, you can customize the crypto indicators for additional options in the indicator settings.

Of course, the above-mentioned cryptocurrency indicators (for example, bitcoin MACD) can work with other devices, for example, forex pairs, indexes, etc. The point is to learn how to make your analysis more accurate.